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Sacramento Carpet Cleaning Odor Removal & Pet Stain Removal

Sacramento Pet Stain Removal & Odor Removal

Eliminate Odors and Stains

We adore our pets, and many of us consider them as another member of the family. But even the best pets have accidents. When this happens we often get frustrated, stressed out, upset, & left scratching our head on how to clean cat urine & dog urine. Not only that, but an overpowering and embarrassing pet urine stain, there is also a nasty, lingering pet odor your left with.

More than water and soap

Pet urine afects your carpet, acting as an acid (or bleach). This warm acidity state makes it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Once these acids seep into the carpet fibers, an odor arises. Once the pet urine has dried, it will leave hydrophillic salts behind & even if the bacteria are killed off, this odor will remain. Getting rid of this odor requires more than soap & water. (In fact, bacteria breed in water, so you’ll actually make the problem worse). Even routine carpet cleaning by a professional cannot deal completely with pet stains. You can rest easy, Sharper's professional staff members have many years of experience in carpet cleaning and we take pride in being a Pet Odor Eliminator. We will have your rugs & carpets looking good as new in no time! So that you can continue to keep your pet indoors.

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